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Your Corporate Event Won’t Cost You Anything

Spice up the holidays with DJ Walt Breslin.

Reap the benefits of an Annual Event All Year Long

Hosting a corporate event is a proven way to further the success of your company or organization. It is great for encouraging employee morale and engendering a common sense of shared purpose. Hosting a party is a great opportunity to celebrate, make memories, cultivate rapport, and reward your employees and colleagues. A simple holiday party, with awards and acknowledgements given out that celebrate certain milestones achieved is a thing you and your co-workers can look forward to certain times of the year. Many companies hold these parties in January and February, after the business of the holiday season has ended. It goes a long way to making the employees feel valued. A great DJ can completely change the atmosphere at such an event.

Have a Theme Can Set the Mood

Corporate Events on any scale will often have a Theme. The colors and decorations go a long way to bolster your entertainment concept. But the music is the real key to guarantee the ambiance and overall vibe of your theme party!

The Collegiate Information and Visitor’s Service Association is a National Company who partners with higher education professionals in the field of information. They held their Annual Convention at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. Their theme was the a 1920’s Soiree. Roaring 20’s decorations abounded, and signs were cleverly placed such as “A Little Party Never Hurt No One” and “Prohibition Ends” and “Let’s Misbehave”. Great Gatsby references and quotes and a large speakeasy were setup in each corner for gin drinks. Eclectic jazz music was the vibe for the cocktail hour. The highlight of the night was doing the Charleston in a big circle on the dance floor.

The music of the Theme does not have to continue the entire night. Just enough Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington and Fats Waller and George Gershwin really set the guests minds in the era. At least two and a half hours of dancing to music of all eras needs to begin or the novelty of the theme will wear on the guests! Upbeat musical selections are chosen for their ability to keep feelings lifted. The goal is to get groups of people moving and out onto the dance floor. Success begets success and once someone turns things into a dance party, a discerning, aware DJ does not deviate! The focus is on lighting and and great songs that traditionally elicit a big response from people.

Let Your DJ Engage Your Guests

For your company holiday party consider adding karaoke on large TVs with wireless mics and the words on screens for groups of singers or just one. Music videos to each song are a great visual stimulus that fans hot flames for dancing. Music bingo breaks the ice and supplements the fun atmosphere you are trying to convey. And don’t forget uplights set the colors of the holiday or your corporation! A raffle can be a successful ice-breaker event to done in such a way to get people to interact, encourage good will and competition, and create good things to talk about the following week at the workplace! These things all add to a great work environment, one where

Your entertainer will more than pay for himself with the dividends this party will yield the company!