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Top 3 Things Couples MUST Do for a Successful, Stress-Free Wedding

Easy things you can do to immediately improve your wedding.
Bride, groom, and guests dancing at a wedding celebration.
You hired a DJ/MC to do what they are good at. But what are a few things you might not have thought of that could immediately improve your wedding success?

1. At Your Wedding, Be Near The Dance floor, If Not On It!

You will attract attention wherever you are, and people will follow to be near you. You really improve the chances of your guests dancing if you are near the dance floor, or better yet, dancing yourself! This also goes for the opposite, if you are away from the action or near the bar or chatting in a corner, the odds begin to favor your guests being spread out and doing different things (hitting the bar, chatting in the hallway, heading to the bathroom), no matter how good your DJ is.  If you have a fear of dancing or it’s just not your thing, no problem! Be near the dance floor, which vastly improves the chances that others will be around you – and filling your dance floor.

2. Stay in Good Touch With Your DJ Throughout The Process that leads to the Big Day.

You may want your DJ to be in charge of assembling details and coming up with your timeline and executing your basic direction. That is fine, this is what they are good at! But the specifics of your event turn a successful wedding into a very successful wedding.  Make it easier for your DJ to be the master of your details by providing information readily. Compose an email but keep it as a draft and add to it things that you think of. Hit send two months before the wedding. Texting is ok but not ideal, because an email tends to be the more detailed, reliable medium. The sender puts in more thought as well when composing an email to be read. Your entertainer can print out emails and have them to refer to. Several zoom calls in the months leading up to your event give both DJ and the couple a familiarity and a confidence and an anticipation for the Big Day.

3. Think like a Party Host/Hostess.

After all, you are! Even though this event is in honor of you, this is a big party that you are throwing for your closest friends and family. A few things really contribute to the overall Feng Shui of your event. As this Chinese phrase advocates, keeping an eye toward having all things connected and flowing is the goal. Who is sitting near who at each table, are the silver-haired guests not too close to the DJ speakers, is the bar too far away from the action – are all good things for starters.  Your Timeline is another tool for seeking out balance and harmony in the wedding reception. Just after you are introduced, consider completing your first dance, and then allowing your guests to begin to enjoy their salad before calling for the formal welcomes and speeches. Have the father-daughter and mother-son dances as the guests are completing their main course. This gives them something to look at and enjoy (the dances) as they finish their meal. This is more considerate of your guests and the overall balance of the wedding than if you did all formal moments at once, up front. Arrange the “pieces” of your wedding with feng shui in mind and seek out balance.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ayse Photography