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Choosing the right DJ is so important. The right DJ has reviews and testimonials that describe what it is like to work with him or her. Reviews give you insight into your DJ’s personality. My personal style is a blended approach made from experiences at hundreds of weddings over the years. The result is that I take a classy-but-fun approach to your event. I have minimal microphone interjections, as I have found that it is far more effective to allow the fun to take over and for me to put in the right songs at the right time and in the right order. The best dance floors are made of fun people deciding to participate because I have allowed the party to take on a personality of its own. As a DJ I am a well-rounded, multi-faceted entertainer with experience in a variety of events, ranging from wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, as well as events for younger audiences. My personality, professionalism, and attention to detail have been the hallmark of a DJ/private event career that began when I was seventeen years old.

Without a doubt! I view my job as putting together a soundtrack to your event that expresses your tastes. Your must-plays, your Do-Not-Plays, the genres of music you prefer, as well as the types of music you do not like, are all great ways to go about putting your personal stamp on your event. I work closely with clients to achieve this, song by song if necessary. We use a variety of mediums to acquaint the client with individual songs. Spotify playlists are compiled and sent back and forth, emails and texts, as well as Youtube links to an exact version. The result: a musical score that is hand-crafted to your specifications, based on as little or as much input as you are interested in having. My best events result from the right balance between client direction and a reliance upon my experiences.

A DJ who is in-tune with the audience is aware of the benefits of taking spontaneous requests. A person who comes up to the DJ with a musical request often speaks not just for themself but for a larger group of people. This means success on the dance floor. The requesting individual most likely will respond once the song is played, by dancing or at least stirring up the dance floor crowd. A seasoned entertainer with years and years of reading the vibe of a crowd will try to capitalize on this. The event can surely benefit from playing a spontaneously requested song. A seasoned DJ with lots of experiences reading situations has an awareness of whether the request is a personal whim of the requesting individual, or has the possibility of pleasing a large group of people.  Pleasantly but firmly explaining that the bride and groom have carefully put together the soundtrack for the evening and that you will adhere to that list is the way to be tactful and firm in your decision to not play a request.

Absolutely. I view the service that is most invaluable to my client as that of the overall Flow Director. I take it upon myself to personally make sure key moments are observed, timeline is adhered to, and that all professionals are in sync about what to do and when to do it. This is from behind the scenes. There is nothing particularly public about my role as Master of Ceremonies. I preside over all special moments and use the microphone for expertly-delivered introductions and presentation of the couple for dances with parents as well as tastefully announce the cutting of the cake and any additional special moments. But my professional role as master of ceremony and host for your event is done inconspicuously and in a professional fashion. I administer to the entertainment needs of my clients and their guests in a quiet, effective, and personal fashion. Call me the Musical Butler.

Positively. I have a very well-rounded musical presentation, ranging from classical and jazz to motown, disco and oldies, to the best new music of today. I operate from a music database of hundreds of thousands of songs. I own each song and do not stream at an event or operate from a cloud service. I personalize the music for each event, and specialize in locating those “hard to find” songs. I have a tremendous investment in music and am constantly freshening up my approach to my events with the infusion of new music at just the right time.

General liability insurance is a policy that covers damages resulting from third-party accidents and physical injury.  Walt Breslin is fully insured for each performance. We carry $2,000,000 in liability coverage for your peace of mind and provide the certificate to the facility where your event is being held. We are even able to add the facility as an additional insured when requested.
An in-demand DJ with a great track record for decades realizes that an emergency might be over the horizon. Equipment failing or worse, a sudden incident out of his or her control concerning transportation or sudden sickness, necessitates that responsible alternatives are in place. The best thing that I do is that I carry lots and lots of additional equipment with my while at the event! My complete emergency backup system is always waiting for me to use it. For further peace of mind, I have an emergency 24-hour service that provides my replacement DJ at a moment’s notice. All my musical forms are uploaded to the cloud, and as such the replacement entertainer will be completely prepared and briefed about your musical wishes, timeline, and overall structure.
Every great DJ has tricks to build a dance floor, keep a dance floor, and encourage the size of it to increase from moment to moment. The way to achieve this usually is through precise song selection, order, and presentation. Just the right length of a song, the opportune moment to bring in the next song, dance floor conditions and lighting, are the factors that can contribute to success in building and maintaining your dancing crowd. Sometimes the best strategy to guarantee a large opening introduction to the dance floor is to begin with a slow song! This dance floor maneuver almost guarantees a large number of people, pleases the older guests or guests that have brought a “plus-one”, and primes them for the fun next moment of an energized fast-dance set.  One slow song followed by a rapid series of tracks that traditionally elicit a great response from people can be the way to jump start your event.
DJ Walt Breslin carries a high-end system to perform at your event. His equipment is regularly tested for sound quality and performance. Our sound and lighting equipment are widely accepted in the industry as the best a DJ can have. Furthermore, I have a large collection of lighting acquired throughout the years and time-tested to bring about great feedback from the crowd. I have large LED flat screen TV’s for video dance parties at your event as well as photo montages personalized for your group.
I have always felt that performing at a wedding reception is a one-person job. I give it my best and do not need an assistant. I have the success of the event at the forefront of my mind at all times, and feel that an assistant is oftentimes distracting, not enhancing, to my goal of giving you the best party imaginable.
DJ Walt Breslin has been a proud member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers since the 1990’s. I consistently receive Best-Of Awards for our area, have many five-star reviews as well as Video Testimonials that I am very proud of. These endorsements attest to the level of my service. Upon request I can provide you with the contact information of numerous individuals who have been served by me at an event similar to yours.

Wedding ceremonies are more and more frequently held on-site, at the same location as your reception. The couple provides their own officiant, someone who knows them closely and adds a personal touch with endearing, personalized anecdotes and memories. My goal is for everyone at the event to hear what the officiant says in a comfortable, balanced fashion! Your on-site ceremony furthermore is often outdoors, in a natural setting. Professional sound system with spread out speakers providing just the right balance of sound comes standard in my ceremony service. I provide amplification for the officiant as well as a loved one doing a reading, with two wireless microphones on stands. The stands are white and blend in with your surroundings. The omnidirectional mics pick up the couple’s vows as well – no lapel mics strapped to the waistline are necessary.  Lapel mics are available, however, where appropriate. I play prelude music of your choice for thirty minutes as the guests are arriving, through a crystal-clear Bose portable sound system. The selections are often violin and cello versions of popular songs. I have made a considerable investment in this battery-powered speaker system and mixer. Two Bose S-1 speakers on tripods are mounted at ear level and spread out for evenness of coverage are included in the ceremony package.

Bridal Party introductions are an exciting, official first-glance at who your bridesmaids and ushers are. This is your opportunity to show their personality to your crowd by the selection of individualized introduction music. A unique song per person or couple as they are introduced can go a long way to energizing your party and making the introductions compelling and memorable. I gladly work with couples who have multiple selections for Bridal Party Introduction songs and it never disappoints!
Preparation is the key! I typically arrive an hour to an hour and a half before your event begins. Unforeseen conditions that impact loading and gaining access to your room are handled effectively by simply arriving early and not being in a rush. Multiple setups require attention in different areas and the DJ needs to factor this in when determining arrival time. Setup and breakdown are the responsibility of your DJ and there should never be an additional charge for this. A walk-through at your venue typically occurs the month before your event, where I familiarize myself with conditions that may impact the success of your event. Much insight can be achieved on-line through photos and diagrams of rooms and locations but I like to add an in-person visit and ideally have face time with your coordinator or banquet manager.