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All about DJ Walt Breslin

About DJ Walt Breslin

DJ & MC Services from the Philadelphia Main Line


I love a good party. People feeling their best is what makes me happy. My need to bring joy, my whole life, has been both a superpower and a limitation. But in my search to find ways to harness this personality trait I have actually been able to find a way to promote and perfect it, by practicing the art of the Party Host.

I have built music into my life, and get excited at the chance to share the music I love with other people. As such I am always trying to discover great music, and always striving to be better. The result for you, the client, is that I bring a modern style to an event I am fortunate enough to be a part of. I was the courtside DJ for World Team Tennis for fourteen seasons and met many famous people and players while honing my craft within the fun, creative demands of the Philadelphia Freedoms. I have stayed up to date with the latest trends by always being involved in my local scene. I have trained countless DJ’s in my personal style and created a service for supplying entertainers in my local area in the bar and nightclub scene when I was younger. I came across lot of creative talent while becoming a tastemaker in the Philadephia college scene. This allows me to spot new trends and keeps me fresh in my approach to events to this day.


First you have an idea of a great event. You need a masterful DJ to help execute it.


Secondly, a conversation. We start a back and forth in order for me to get to know who you are, so that I can serve you that much better.


I provide ideas and options based on years of expertise and I work up an Entertainment Proposal based on the parameters you have set.


When you are ready to move forward, we begin to work together to design the perfect experience

I look forward to getting to know you better. I won’t be satisfied unless I know you so thoroughly that what is required to make this event unforgettable becomes second nature to me.


I know how to put on a performance. Presentation is everything, and I understand and appreciate nuance. When you allow me the honor of being part of your event, I embrace the human condition and honor it by locating the subtleties in your crowd, the unspoken cues in your group that form the basis of my own cues as your Entertainment Director. I have an ear for the musical notes that are in between the musical notes that will motivate each unique group and inspire it to enjoyment. I am great at reading a room and picking up on the energy that is floating around. Accounting for the different ages and demographics on the floor, but yet selecting the song that instinct tells me is right, has always built the best dance floors for me. I have the stamina and the energy to motivate people, and this has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Our Awards

DJ Walt Breslin delivers great service on your big day, and he’s been recognized for it year after  year. Just check out some of the awards that Walt has won. It’s getting to be a yearly thing.

Couples Choice
The Knot
Couples Choice
The Knot
Couples Choice
The Knot

Entertain the idea of working with someone with award winning talent. This person will be attuned to your needs, having your wants and desires combine with an impeccable musical judgement and appreciation for the Big Moment.

Imagine a charismatic DJ as the host for your company’s next event. Engaging music sets and interactive emceeing will make your corporate party the party of the year. Book someone with a flair and a style who mixes among the genres to access the warm spot waiting to represent.

An ear for the next hot track, mixing seamlessly with a mastery of the teen music anthology makes for a high caliber teen event. The best-quality amplification and intelligent lighting set to a controller with programmed shows will bring your event to next levels.

A specialist is waiting in the wings to take your stage and wow the guests in attendance. Their excellence in crafting the playlist of the year for your son or daughter’s friends and family is second only to their hospitality, attention to detail, and respectful execution of your traditions.


32 years
of experience