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Your decor choices help to create a festive atmosphere. One thing can dramatically change the overall look of your wedding or private event. It furnishes your celebration area with elegance and the desired “wow” factor by highlighting the room’s unique architectural details. A simple light placed on the floor, every five feet or so, next to the drapery or up against wood or a wall corner, projecting light up a column or wall. The uplight.

Picture your guests arriving at your event, and the first impression they have is a mood that is in the room. A cool swash of color billows up the wall and creates a pillar effect of light, one that is both subtle AND dramatic at the same time. Such vibrant color consistent throughout the room establishes an elegant look during the cocktail hour, with a purple or a romantic red as our first choice of color. Dinner hour continues with the classiness of a strong color like blue mixed with green or maybe the muted gold of amber. Uplights can be placed virtually anywhere without you having to worry about your guests tripping – they are wireless. The color of all the lights can change simultaneously with the touch of one button. Uplights creates vibes.

After dinner, when the guests are ready to party, it is so easy to change out the feel of the room from elegant and romantic to Party Time. The lights are made to be motion sensitive and can now change color to the beat of the music. No other party enhancer completely changes everyone’s mindset like uplighting can.


1. Customizable colors for your event, with combinations of Red, Green, Blue and Amber.
2. Can be used in multiple rooms
3. Wireless and battery-powered (no outlet needed, for that remote location that can benefit from a beautiful splash of light)


DJ Walt Breslin is your best choice for uplighting fixtures for your event, set to the color of your choice.

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  • The Main Line
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  • Delaware
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