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Personalized images on display at your event are something that your guests will thoroughly enjoy, and never forget. This service is greatly enhancing for your private party, wedding, or corporate event because it is endearing. It stokes nostalgia, good feelings about the human condition, and clearly takes your party to the next level. Visual reminders of shared experiences, familiar faces, and the sentiments that these reminders bring about promote warm emotions in your guests. This service is entertaining and binding on the group of people who are attending your event.


Strategically placed flatscreen tv’s (one near the bar, one near the buffet, maybe one near the cake or dessert table) with your chosen images can greatly increase the personality-factor of your party. TV’s are 32 inch or 42 inch or 65 inch depending on the circumstances, and are placed on sleek custom totems with a white or black scrim. A slideshow of images invokes nostalgia and provides context to the guests who are important enough to you to be there with you on the special day.


Give me access to your family images and I will do the rest! I arrange and construct a custom slideshow for you using special software. Text me images from your phone, take pictures of the pictures in your physical photo albums and email them to me, or put them on a thumb drive and mail to me. I do all the editing and arranging. The best events have a twenty minute slideshow of around 150 images that I have set to loop throughout your event. The key is that this is a low-pressure enhancement to the graceful flow of the evening, to be watched gradually throughout the evening – not all at once.

DJ Walt Breslin is your best choice for Slide Show Add-ons in the Greater Philadelphia and beyond.

Serving these areas:

  • The Main Line
  • Philadelphia County
  • Montgomery County
  • Delaware County
  • Chester County
  • Bucks County
  • Delaware
  • Southern New Jersey